20-something avid film-watcher, food-eater and funny feminist hailing from Liverpool/Merseyside, UK. (I added the funny…)

This blog consists of feminist critique, Scooby-Doo style food fanaticism and film theory as well as irony, satire and hilarity.

Also trace amounts of modesty.

Bite-size bits here: @KateMenear.

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Holly

    Hey there! I just started my journey of becoming vegan and read how you don’t think tofu scramble is a thing. Well guess what my friend! You and I were in the same boat and I have discovered a DELICIOUS recipe for it. I have yet to try and make it myself but I have eaten it at a restaurant in my town St. Augustine FL. It’s called the Manetee Cafe and they also have a cook book filled with their recipes from their restaurant. (Which includes a killer black bean burger). So if you are ever in the area….check it out!!

    • I’m from the UK but I’ve actually been to St Augustine a few years ago! Beautiful little town! I wasn’t vegan at the time though so I wasn’t searching for tofu scramble haha – I’ll have to google their recipe thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. M

    I am a vegetarian “by birth” as we say in India (:P) and turned vegan for 6 months. I had so much of resistance from friends and family alike! firstly, going out with me was not fun cos my meat eating friends who put up with vegetarian restaurants found that the choice is even more narrowed down. I found it difficult because I had to spend too much time planning on what to buy, what to cook and what to eat! A hectic work schedule made me give up being a vegan though I still continue with some like not wearing silk.

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