P&G ‘Always’ brand have created a new ad campaign challenging the sexist notion of doing things ‘like a girl’ being a negative or lesser thing. The ad, posted below, juxtaposes the reactions of adults and a young boy being asked to throw, run and fight ‘like a girl’ before asking some young girls to do the same. The younger girls, pre-puberty, are fierce and serious where the older ones mock themselves and other women by flailing their arms about ‘like a girl’.

Watch the ad for yourself. It might be a little too pretty or contrived for some due to the high production value but I really have no arguments about a big international brand company like Always marketing themselves in this way by publicising an issue of everyday sexism. It’s refreshing to see Always, as Jeff Beer puts it in his post on this ad campaign:

Challenging seemingly innocent phrases and impulses to effect positive change in gender identity and attitude. Source: http://www.fastcocreate.com/3032424/this-always-ad-asks-what-it-means-to-do-something-like-a-girl?utm_source=facebook


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