East Avenue Bakehouse, Liverpool


There are so many new independent eateries opening up in Liverpool’s Ropewalks district (Bold st/ Seal st area), using lots of locally-sourced produce, that it’s hard to keep up without damaging both my bank balance and the balance I try to maintain between staying in my size 10 skinnies or giving in and filling my face with bread.

But god help me if I won’t valiantly visit them all and write about them for my minuscule online audience. I’m just that noble.

This week I finally went to East Avenue Bakehouse on Bold st after being seduced by their twitter account (https://twitter.com/EABakehouse) where they bait weak cake-lovers like me on a daily basis. I’m onto you, Bakehouse.

East Av Bakehouse is just as delightful and wholesome as I had imagined. Joined by my mother and younger brother, and armed with her debit card, we sampled a few different things from the menu including their small plate ‘Wild Liverpool Bay Sea Bass’ – pan fried and served with broad bean and pea puree and local strawberries and ‘Sam’s Sourdough’ which is a pleasingly thick slice of freshly baked sourdough topped with sautéed mushrooms and pistachio rolled goats cheese finished with a balsamic drizzle (both inexpertly pictured below).

photo 5The Sea bass is cooked to perfection and matched well with the pea and strawberry garnish. All I have to say about the sourdough is that the rolled goats cheese was a little thick and might be improved if the ratio of pistachio to cheese were evened out a little. However, when your only complaint about a place is that there was ‘too much’ goats cheese I think you need to have a word with yourself. (So I will have a stern word with myself).

Now I come to the main event: East Avenue’s Spring Lamb Trencher. According to the menu: “Best lamb rump, green beans, pea shoots, radishes and pink peppercorns, with a mint yoghurt dressing” and served on freshly baked herb bread. Pictured below next to the pretty Sea Bass again.


As a voracious carnivore I know what I’m talking about when it comes to meat. I especially know a good ‘meat butty’ situation when I see one and I can personally vouch for the lamb trencher as a superior meat (open) sandwich.

Why, you say?

For this simple fact: the tender lamb soaks the bread in meat juice which makes for a moist coalition of meaty/bready yumminess.

And before you start panicking, yes, the East Avenue Bakehouse peeps have got their heads screwed on. The bread is thick enough to withstand the meat juices so you don’t get that fally-aparty ‘me-biscuit’s-fallen-in-me-brew’ Peter Kay flashback to any repressed soggy sarny disasters. Maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself, or maybe the trencher was just that good. (I’m telling you right now it was the latter and I can’t wait to have another one).

Their prices were more than reasonable and the staff were friendly. Our short wait on the food was no problem at all as we enjoyed East Av’s clean and fresh interior as well as their cracking playlist (Phil Collins Su-su-suddio-ing along to our lunch specifically made my lovely mum’s day).

If you live in and around Liverpool you should definitely pop in and see what the fuss is about for yourself. And try the Blood-Tonic cordial because it tastes like childhood.




East Avenue Bakehouse is situated at the top of Bold St (opposite Tesco) about a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Central train station.

East Avenue Bakehouse, 112 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY.

Tel : (0151) 708-6219.


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