In defense of the Vine app…


I can’t help but sound pathetically pretentious when, faced with an unsympathetic adversary dissing the smartphone app ‘Vine’, I inform them that they are clearly watching the wrong Vines.

But, pretentious or not, it’s true.

The bane of the talented but less-popular Viner’s life is the aggravatingly stale orgy of racist and sexist humour (interspersed with the not-so-light relief of poor quality ‘relatable’ vines by boys made popular by their young and easily-manipulated fan base or perhaps the trend of inane ‘smack cams’/shovel fights/’twerk videos’) that is the ‘Pop’ or ‘Popular Now’ page.

Who could blame a new user for seeing the Popular page as all that the app has to offer? With so much new content being posted everyday it’s hard to find good quality vines if you don’t know where to look. I can’t last 5 minutes on the popular page and if I was a new user I’d be the same. The difference is a new user might not come back again without knowing that the app is hiding so much more. I blame Vine itself for promoting such low forms of offensive comedy. Or should that be ‘comedy’.

So in protest of the popular page, and to try and help more people to see why the Vine app is worth their time, here are 6 of my favourite hilarious and grossly underfollowed viners. I won’t give you potted descriptions as they are devilishly funny but you really have to see for yourself. (Click on each of their names to be taken to the web version of their Vine profiles or search for them through the app):

Matt Post
Ollie MN
cole hersch
Gabriel Gundacker
Cody Ko

And here are 6 creative vine accounts spreading artistic all natural vines, clever wordplay and their ‘loops’ are off the hook:

Tony Besides a character created by internet comedian Tony Oswald (note: the Besides runs like a story in six second parts, to understand you must start from the beginning of you can find them on Youtube).
Reno Shaw
Ameera Belle
y wilde

Watch them or don’t it’s up to you but, whatever you do, don’t follow Nash Grier because, well Ollie MN put it best…

“8 million people may like you Nash but millions of germans were complicit in the Nazi regime so…*self-righteous head bob*”


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