I give Emojli a big thumbs down (emoji).


emojli (1)

I love social media. I love the doors that social media can open up for people. Users can create and share their own and other’s content in a public or private forum where nobody is better than anybody else (unless you have no followers).
It’s a classless system which is something I admire. I love that I can write something, type it up and post it on my site and somebody in a different place (geographically or otherwise) can read it and even interact with me.

But despite my love for the social mobility of social media, I have a few issues which have recently resurfaced since the new social network app, ‘emojli’, went public. Emojli is an emoji-only website where there are no words, only, you guessed it, emojis. Even usernames will comprise of emojis.

hand emoji

Don’t get me wrong, as an iPhone user and ‘scousebird’ (sorry) I take great pleasure in using emojis as a way of expressing myself in addition to language. When my iPhone met it’s untimely demise and I couldn’t use the hand emoji for a few days (the ‘hang on, bear with, stop talking please’ emoji), I lost all of my online ‘sass’. I forgot how to snub online idiocy with my words. This was the scary realisation that I had a slight reliance on emojis for meaning. As an English major, this was terrifying.


The foreboding clouds of the emojli logo are a dark omen hailing the eventual degeneration of language in a world where users (not people) are encouraged to revert back to cave-painting style of communication. Don’t get me wrong, cave-painting was a great idea in its prime but it’s definitely had its day.

That might sound a tad dramatic, but the introduction of this emoji…

poop emoji

…makes cave-paintings seem far more cerebral and 21st century.

I’m not attacking emojli. Some users will argue that it stretches them to create conversation with limited materials and thus stimulates creativity. I see this logic but I sit firmly in the opposition.

What can be more challenging and stimulate more creativity than creating something out of limitless words or materials? When did we put a cap on how much self-expression is too much? When did there become a deficit on words? When did Twitter’s 140 character limit become too long?

As I write my blog posts I am aware of the benefits of being concise for fear of losing the interest of my readers. But I just wonder when did using actual words become insufficient in holding the attention span of so many people?

Poor books. Poor writers. Poor language. Poor people.

In writing, I have discovered something that means more to me than myself. Telling the stories I have inside of my head to anybody who will listen seems massively important to my continued existence, even if nobody is listening. But the idea that my words will definitely fall on deaf ears, lazy fingertips and emoji-numbed minds is unnerving for an aspiring writer. That mere words are too much or that I should have stop at 130 characters with room to shoehorn in a couple of hashtags is worrying.

I’m too verbose for this shit and you all should be too.

Send a smiley face to your friends to lessen the blow of a let-down text, don’t rely on them entirely for conversation or we really will lose the ability to speak.



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2 thoughts on “I give Emojli a big thumbs down (emoji).

  1. I do understand where you are coming from with emojli, but the creators don’t take it that seriously, judging from a recent video they made. 😛

    I downloaded it, but only for the fun of it – I don’t even use emoji characters that often. Of course, it does become a problem if you start to rely on emojis at the expense of your eloquence.

    • That’s really interesting!

      After watching this video, I have to say, I find both of the creators far more charming than the Big Brother figure I had imagined them as.

      But even though the ethos of Emojli is essentially harmless, I guess I’m taking an Orwellian approach (i.e; the threat of the controlled language of ‘Newspeak’ in Orwell’s novel which is designed to limit freedom of thought).

      Thanks for reading and commenting! (Had to stop myself from typing a smiley face at the end there then…oops)

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