Some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Tony Blair’s GQ win…


So yesterday the venerable old sage Tony Blair was awarded Philanthropist of the Year at the GQ awards. These days you can get arrested for making accusatory jokes on the internet about people you don’t like or agree with so I’ve got to be careful.

But I’m going to give that tumbleweed a little room to breathe as we all take in the irony that the words ‘Tony Blair’ and ‘philanthropist’ have appeared in the same headline. Without the words ‘is not at all a’ in between.

This is just a quick post to share some of the funniest twitter reactions to this wonderful news. Here they are:

My personal favourite…


And although this guy makes a good point about us all jumping on the bandwagon…


…I think twitter is righteous in its outrage. Tony’s win shows us that apparently you can do anything you want and as long as you do a bit of charity work (once you’re absolutely minted mind you), they’ll call you a Philanthropist and give you a pat on the back.

Well Done Tony!



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